Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcome Team Russia 2011

from Ralf Heckel

Finally, here is it! This is the Moonbuggy Team 2011. Evgeniy, Ivan, Mikhail, Kirill and Evgeniy are the first russian Moonbuggy pioneers. Today they signed the membership of their host "International Space Education Institute". Kirill is invited, he was the winner of the Crimea Moonbuggy Race in summer 2009.

This day is a historical day. It has a history of 3 years. The first activities were in January 2007. From this time the International Space Education Institute was systematic looking for russian colleges, institutes and schools who want to join this american contest. A lot of lessons and travels were follow. But for state schools it is not possible to finance an own team. Also no russian teacher has the ability to coach a team for a contest outside of the country. Private schools in engineering or spaceflight are not exist in Russia.

So the International Space Education Institute was prepaering itsself to be a host for international student projects. It organized VIP-tours of very important russian scientists and reporters to show them Huntsville, the contest and a Moonbuggy. Then it was organizing a promotion tour to russian Space Camps with a Moonbuggy, in summer 2009. There the leaders made lessons for 240 russian space students. At the end there was a little contest with the german Moonbuggy and most interested russian students.

They are here today after a process of 6 month. All primary questions were solved and the documents signed. After this meeting we take a dinner at the russian Burger King and made a first teamphoto. Untill a winning place it will be a long way. Today was the beginning. The next step will be a workshop in Leipzig (Geremany), February 2010. Then one or two students want to be a part of the first multinational team in 2010. Now they have 14 month time now until April 2011. At this month will be the 50th years celebration of Yuri Gagarins flight. For every russian space student it is a proud to give his best for this goal.

See the whole story in pictures here:

Good luck Moonbuggy Team Russia!

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