Monday, January 11, 2010

One wing for 1000 passengers

from Ralf Heckel

To make future, you must be a lateral thinker. These people made a meeting today. At the internet cafe´ of the Moscow Aviation Institute were: Prof. Demin (IMBP, Mars 500), Prof. Zotov (MAI, Aviation Systems), Prof. Malozemov (MAI, Life Support Systems) and me. Also there were two interested students for the SEI-programms. We changed presents and work. Also this was the signing moment for the Bruno Banani Contract at the Mars 500 Programm. This first brand designer in space now makes the clothings for the next Mars 500 Crew.

Most interesting is this "One-Wing-Plane". It was calculate by russian students. Now the german space students have to make a model from it. Then the tests will begin. In future this plane will host more than 1000 passengers an tons of cargo.

At the evening I met the editors office of the Space News Magazine of Russia. The "Novosti Kosmonavtiki" - Team is very friendly. Wer made a lot of conversations and are planing articles for the future. Also we discussed possibilities for the international space education.

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