Thursday, January 14, 2010

Moscow Marsbuggy Day

from Ralf Heckel

At 11 o clock I am at the door of the IMBP (Institut for Biomedical Problems). Since 5 years I know this Institute. Nobody will believe what is behind these gray walls. I also was not shure as the leader Prof Baranov said "We will start a testflight to the Mars". Then we visited a dirty hall with some modules under construction. "This is our Marsship-Simulator". Our students were excited but all teachers and adults sceptic. We had fall 2005.

Since this time I visited this institute regular. We discussed how we can involve. Beetween this time the construction of the modules finished. The Mars 100 Experiment finished successful. Now the public knows more. Two ideas are the result: We involve the first brand designer in space (Bruno Banani) and make a competition to design a marsrover. This is a student challenge after the Moonbuggy Race.

Today I was waiting for 40 min in the cold Moscow winter. My hands were freeze. Then Prof. Demin cames out and said: "Excuse me. We have a conference with ESA." He gave me the contract and we discussed the design for the under- and activewear of the Mars 500 teammembers. Also we spoke about the rules for the Marsbuggy. That is all - we are on the way to Mars.


At the afternoon I went to the publishing company "NaUka" (science books). The present in my case is the 1st volume of "Father" from Prof. Korolev in german language. Mrs. Batkina unwrapped it and gets happy. "Finally the germans can read our space history now! Thank you Ralf." Yes, it is two years ago. In January 2008 I put the original russian version in my case and went with the author to Huntsville USA. We celebrated 50 years US in space and then I came back to Germany.

We contacted a german publishing company, they translated it and now I am back.

At the evening I met with russian Moonbuggy students again. We are in the restaurant "American". I want to test their spirit. All are back. Nice! And so the evening gets long and creative. A Moonbuggy contest in an other country is a hard challenge. But the Marsrover is harder and so he needs the Moonbuggy as first step.

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