Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moonbuggy at the Energia Space & Rocket Museum

from Ralf Heckel

Today is the birthday of russians former chief designer S.P. Korolev. He designed the Sputnik, his rocket, the spaceship of Gagarin and the actual Soyuz rockets/spaceships. The rocket company Energia has his name. Also the town in north of Moscow have his name: Korolev. Each year at this day the russian designers are celebrating the birthday of S.P. Korolev. It starts in the morning at 9 o´ clock at this Rocket and Space Museum.

It is my 3rd time today at this museum. It is not for public. You must follow a procedure of registration and security to enter this museum. Not many people are able to do this. It is on the ground of the spaceship factory "Energia". It is a little bit the same as you will enter a museum inside of the Marshall Spaceflight Center in Huntsville/Alabama. Without badges and registration - there will be no way.

A speaker of the city administration opens the ceremony. Thr mayor give some words and the chief designer of the Energia company too. But in the middle is the daughter and family of Korolev. All people are listen to her words. Press is there.

Then the administration honors young students and engineers for her excellent work. I got a speach also. So I telled the story of the german Moonbuggy in 2009 and his travel around Europe and Crimea. A calendar collects all important photos of the last year. I give it to the chief designer Mr. Lopota. Applause.

Then the people made small talks or lokked into the big hall of the museum. There is real russian space hardware. I made photos of Gagarin´s capsule and a lot of other Vostok-, Voschod- and Soyuz-Spaceships. The spacestation MIR is also there, as mockup.

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