Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow-chaos and Moonbuggy-training

from Ralf Heckel

Today Germany is under 2-3 feet snow. Last night a snowstorm crossed over the country. No traffic works. Silence is everywhere - not so at the headquarteres of the Moonbuggy Team Germany. This weekend is scheduled to design parts and to make a training. The TV team of the middle german brodcast wanted to make a shot. They phoned and said: "No matter, we come later."



But the students answered: "No, you can come, we make our training with or whithout snow. It is a present for us to have a tough obstacle on our course, because the race is tough." And so Sasha, Philipp and Susan gave their interviews, finished their CAD-drawings and rolled the Moonbuggy out of the garage. The team needs 45 min to cleen the home area from snow. At the course they need 45 min again. An the the Moonbuggy runs through the hardest german winter since 20 years.

The reason is: A piece of the steering mechanic was broken. Susan said: "It is good to make this experience today, better as at the race."

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