Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ENERGIA - the Space & Rocket Company

von Ralf Heckel

It was a short time after the WWII. In a little industrial town in north of Moscow a factory was produced tanks. It had the name Podlipki. Then the rocket scientists came back from Germany and changed this company into the largest Space & Rocket Company of the world. Here Korolev designed the Sputnik and all his rockets. Today it is the home of the Soyuz spaceships for the ISS. Korolev went every day by an old german "Horch" (later Audi) to his office. It was a small gate with a door. Today the workers call it "Old gate".

The delegation puts flowers in this gate and walk forward to a memorial of the first intercontinental rocket, to the Sputniks rocket, to the Vostok-Rocket. Here the people also put flowers to the ground of this memorial. In front of the rocket is a plastic of Korolev´s head.

6 years before I made pictures from the very same rocket and got prisen for some hours. I had no registration! Today I am back as a VIP-guest of the family Korolev.

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