Thursday, January 14, 2010

Moscow Moonbuggy Day

from Ralf Heckel

After only 4 hours I stand up again. Today are big adresses on the schedule. At 10 o clock I am at the Roscosmos headquarters, public relations. Mr. Vorobyov welcomes me and we sit in his office. The list for interesting points is long. One of the main point is the support to the russian moonbuggy team for 2011. We finish the speach with a result after 2 hours and change presents. He gets a Helicopter from SOLARWATT. The next date is at the ILA-Pressconference in Berlin.

At the near of Roscosmos is the NASA office. I make a short visit there. The womans are from Houston and very friendly. We are knowing the same people in Houston. Then I start my travel to Korolev City. I passed the very beautiful Metrostations and buy a ticket for the "Sputnik"-Train.

In Korolev-City the leader for international relationships of the administration welcomes me. We visited a hotel and discuss about the youth exchange programms beetween Huntsville and Korolev City. We also finisched with a result and went back together to the trainstation.

At the evening I met five russian students and the leader of the SEI-Moscow-office. He works by IBM ow and was leader of russians largest Youth Space Center (Baumann-Uni). We sit a long time together in an american restaurant and discuss about the Moonbuggy. At 1:30 I am at home - finally!

It was a successful day.

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