Saturday, January 16, 2010

Space & Rocket Museum Kaluga

from Ralf Heckel
The Space & Rocket Museum in Kaluga is a state museum with a lot of scientific employees. You will find it from far. It has a large rocket on the outdoor rocket carc. This is Gagarin´s Rocket "Vostock" (east). This rocket is standing vertical in a mobile railway construction. This construction is still working. If in Kaluga will come a storm, so the hydraulic put the rocket into a horizontal position. To see this process is a gigantic spectacle!

At the rocket parc (it is similar to the US Space & Rocket Museum in Huntsville) you will see the history of russians spaceflight. Today it is snow covered.

Inside is a large hall with original russian space hardware. There you can see the whole history from the first russian liquid rocket engine to the mars spaceships. Interesting are the:

- Lunokhod (automatic Lunar Rover Vehicle)
- Mars 3 (automatic marslander)
- Luna 16 (automatic lunar lander with returncapsule)
- real moon soil from Lunar 16
- the russian space shuttle "BURAN"
- capsules of different cosmonauts and animals
- rocket engines from Soyuz to BURAN
- different space stations

See the hardware here at this gallery:

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