Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CAD Workshop for NASA Moonbuggy

Leipzig, January 24th 2010
from Ralf Heckel

This weekend all german students worked at their Moonbuggy drawings again. The boys are designing the seat, flat molds for the fenders out of carbonfibre, boxes for the telemetry, brackets for the brakes, pieces for the chassis and steering. Thommy is working on the angel limiter (torsion joint). There are two large journal bearings from polymer (IGUS). Philipp is working on the CFK-fenders and their attachment. He also designs the flat molds from foam. Sasha is designing the seats with curved and welding tubes. All components are asselbling by René at the computer.

Susan was complete the blog in german language. The students of Team Russia were complete the blog in russian language. So the first multi-national work has started.

The result of this weekend are the first drawings on paper. Now the industrial partners commence production of the first pieces. Thus, the turnery "Guenther Jacob" starts with the differenciel gear, while turnery "Wittenbecher" see to the axles and pieces for the chassis. The chamber for handicraft is prepaering the big assembly workshop for the five Moonbuggies of all teams, starting in February 2010.

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