Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Titans of Space

von Ralf Heckel

It is an unbelieavable monument: 107 meter (350 ft) high and with a skin of titanium. At the end is a rocket. This is the "Tsiolkovski-Monument" in Moscow. The areal is not far from the old exposition center. Konstantin Eduardovitch Tsiolkovski was russian scientist. He is the "father of spaceflight". His calculations are the basics of the spaceflight today.

At the ground is a big statue of Tsiolkovski. Under this menument is a very nice Space & Rocket Museum for public. Along a way from the monument to the south are a lot of statues from rocket designers and cosmonauts. The largest of them ist "S.P. Korolev". Our bus stops. Again all guests are walking to the place of memory and put flowers down.

I am in the car of Korolev´s grandson Andrej. He is medical professor (surgey) and owner of a modern private hospital in Moscow. In while of the travel he phones with his 6 secretaries. Private hospitals are new and very popular in Russia. Andrej told me that he has 4 rooms for operations and 30 beds. In winter the most people are comming from the snow areals, also from Germany, Austria and Swizerland. He has a lot to do.

And I remember - Korolevs mother was a medical too. Only Sergej Pavlovitch was designing rockets for space.

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