Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Korolev at the Kremlin Wall

vom Ralf Heckel

The Kremlin has along the Red Square a cementary. Here are the VIP´s of russians history. In the middle is the mousoleum of Lenin. He was the revolutioner in 1918. His body is inside as mummy and looks like as he is sleeping. All the other politicans, scientists and cultural VIP´s have their urn inside of the Kremlin Wall. We went with all guests along this restricted areal. I see names of cosmonauts and rocket designers. Also Gagarin is here. The convoi stops at the plate of "Korolev".

The same procedure starts from beginning. All guests put flowers to this place. There is a very touchable story. In january 2008, I was organizing the USA-trip of Korolevs daughter. In Huntsville/Alabama was the celebration for 50 years US in space. The man who was launched the first american satellite "Explorer One" was the german scientist Ernst Stuhlinger. As we came to Huntsville he was not in a good shape and in the Huntsville Hospital. I moved all leavers to get a permission for a visit at his bed. It was possible. Stuhlinger gave to Korolevs daughter a paper and 30 US$. He said: "Please buy red roses and put them on your fathers grave".

Mr. Koroleva did it at the day of Cosmonauts (April 12th 2008). I sent the photo to Struhlingers wife in Huntsville. She gave it to her husband. Only 5 weeks later he died. It was the day as the Marslander Phoenix was landed on the Mars surface. Prof. Stuhlinger had a long and successful live. He was sent the first spaceships to the Mars and beyond. So I am proud to make his last wish real.

Today are young russian space students with us at the Kremlin Wall. Perhaps they will read this story and remember later: "In space - we are one".

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