Sunday, January 10, 2010

Наконец-то в Москве!

from Ralf Heckel

Finally Moscow!
It is real. Today I went by airplane to Moscow. It was a "Snow-slide". Long time we were standing on the runway of Leipzig. Ice and snow made a flight unpossible. But 3 hours later the airplane moved forward. "But it does move!" Gallileo had right.

The aircompany "Blue Wings" is new and I am surpriced. Service and prize are correct. I have a two way ticket to Moscow for not more than 150 Euro. And the airport is close to our institute. This is double correct!

Moscow is cold, -15 degrees under freeze and we have a star-bright sky. Cozy is the life in Moscows winter. It is the last day of the christmas holidays. In Russia is christmas at January 6th. Nobody is working before January 11th. So there are a lot of flashing christmas trees, pictures of Santa Claus and promotion lights for "Happy New Year".

The Moscow airport "Sheremetyevo" has changed. There is a new terminal. The passport controls are fast and I get a shuttle bus to the airport-express. This electric train is new also. It is a sky train. I sit in and drive into the city in 20 min. Very nice! 3 years ago this same place was stressful. I went with a 30 years old smoking bus "IkaRUS" from socialist times into the city. I had no seat and must stand there for more than 2 hours. But all this is history and I am thankful to got this adventure.

Now I am in my hostel and look forward to explore the most changing town of Europe - again. It is my 12th visit in 6 years of Space Education. It is a trailblazer work - and most fascinating. But today is the first year that you can be with me - in real time. This is the schedule for the next 7 days. You are invited.

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