Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Final Day

from Ralf Heckel

Today I make my last work. It is an extended day. Normaly my airplane flow yesterday. But the aircompany went out of business. So I take a next flight and this gives me two days more.

So I visit some friends from the "Konrad Adenauer Association" in Moscow, let me give some hints and go forward to the office of Novosti Kosmonavtiki (Space News). There we disciss about the "OKB-1 Grand Tour" in Germany 2010 and speak about the future. I also was seen pictures of a real russian banya. The chied editor has one at his weekend house. He went in with cosmonauts and astronauts some times. In winter they go swimming in the "Freeze!" lake.

At the evening Pavel Sharov invited me to a meeting with Sergey Ryazansky. He is a cosmonaut and make his training now. He directly came back from Star-City. But most interesting for me is: Sergey was commander of the Mars 500 project (2nd stage). He was simulated a manned flight to Mars in for 100 days in super isolation. He had a 6 man crew. Also his grandfather was a famous soviet rocket designer togethr with Korolev. They and some othr designers were the head office of soviet rocket designers since the WWII (OKB-1). So I also made copys of very old pictures of this time.

We spoke about the experiences inside of the module and I made a lot of notes. Our institute and Bruno Banani have the contract to design the clothings for the next experiment. He gave me most important informations.

The history of Mars 500 and the dream to connect the Moonbuggy with it - has tradition in our student education. A Marsbuggy makes the students most excited and hopful. Lets see what is in future!

Mars 500 on SEI:

Mars 500 on BBC:

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