Thursday, February 11, 2010

Start the Winter Space Camp with a shuttle

Monday, 8 February 2010

(Leipzig, 8.02.2010) For these 17 students the winter vacation begins with a space shuttle launch. This morning at 10:14 CET a service mission to the Space Station with a crew of six is launched at Cape Canaveral. One of the mission goals is to deploy an observation window on station for a panoramic view of the universe. This was the last night launch of the shuttle fleet prior to cessation. There will be another three launches until 16 September 2010. The SEI is organizing a field trip to the launch event. Learn more about the program soon.

The children attend the holiday camp of the language school "Kinderleicht" in Leipzig while playfully picking up English. During their week-long program, they visit the Technology Center of the Chamber of Crafts with Yvonne. There they get a peek at the NASA Moonbuggy team in action, develop the color scheme for the German Moonbuggy and solder a change indicator.

Today, the new space suit was tried on, followed by a live shuttle launch.

Photo gallery with short videos:

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