Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Day

Evgeniy Svyatenko

Moonbuggy team russia 2010

Today was our first day in Leipzig. We ate different jams, cheeses and caviar which I brought from Russia. We then dressed to work and were driven to our workstation by Ralf. We at first thought we were at a factory, but after listening to Ralf talk with Dr. Schmidt we understood we were at a huge study center for different professions. Here they teach the trades of being a butcher, house construction, roofing, steel working, plumbing, electronics and social service. We toured the rooms of the center. In some of the rooms we saw students in class. It was really interesting to see the German education system in work.

We ate lunch at 12:30. We then moved to the moonbuggy workshop where it would be easier to work. We start work early in the morning and have until 14:30 to complete our work. We got a late start disassembling problem parts and thus took some of them to the hostel (hotel?) to make a digital CAD model.

After finishing the moonbuggy work, we returned to drink some coffee and then help SEI with moving some donated furniture. We moved some pepper cases (bookshelves?), large tables, a shelf and a round table. Then we visited a friend of Ralf’s who works as a lawyer with SEI. Here we were provided with a nice and large computer table and two computer chairs. These items would be good to have for the moonbuggy workrooms. We worked out and ate dinner and then went to the computer room to work on reports and CAD modeling. We finished at 1a.m.


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