Monday, February 15, 2010


Thursday, February 12th, 2010

from Cyril Kosik
Moonbuggy Team Russia 2011
translated by Regina Peldszus, London

Last night we attended the New Year's reception of the BVMW. Ralf had an invitation. It's a conference of representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises in Leipzig and attracts attendants from adjacent federal states. This time, there were 1,500 guests. We quickly changed at home and made our way to the central station to meet Ralf's German students who arrive on train. Thommy, Stefan and René will be working with us during the weekend.

The finance minister of Saxony, Mr Sven Morlok, gave a speech in front of a packed conference venue. Ralf tried to translate some of it. One of my personal highlights was the fact that the Saxonian government has put aside 1 billion Euros for road improvement. Then we visit company stands in the trade fair and talk business with several people. Afterall, we're looking for sponsors. The meeting of course includes a buffet with delicious food.

We talked to Thommy and Stefan about their education at our institute. We tried to speak German and to read a German newspaper. That was quite entertaining and a lot of fun. Then we asked Thommy to read in Russian. Hilarious! The event was over and we went home. Tomorrow is Saturday and we can have a lie-in.

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