Friday, February 12, 2010

Handwork and Pelmeny

Evgeniy Svyatenko
Moonbuggy team russia 2010

So, it's passed some time after my last report and whats done? First we solved a lot of problems with the back chassis and sitting. E-drawing sometimes makes us cry but it seems that all cleared and will be produced on weekend. Second we received all materials what makes us feel free from one of the usual biggest problem. Third thing is that we a become alowed to work with machine tools so everything much faster.

Milling machine is very nice, but nothing will replace the hand-working. File in hand - shave over the feet. After all steel must be covered by Chrome, so every line must be smooth and clean.

In the evening we were looking for some usual students food and especially pelmeny (little pasta balls with meat, like tortellini). Penny shop showed us what type of food European people prefer to eat... ... ow. This is not for us. As a students, who don't spent lots of time on cooking, but don't like fast food or junk food, in Russia we buy buckwheat. It's really cheap, healthy and fast to cook. In Germany no one know what is this =) Some products are very funny. At the end we took some fruits, meat and sweets. Then Ralf said that he knows where to drive us. It was a russian shop "Beryozka". There we found Pelmeny and nice Russian couple. The owner worked on Baikonur when was in Russian army. Cosmos is all around this world.

At the hostel we had a pizza party and go to sleep early.

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