Friday, February 19, 2010

Savior Miller, pipes and family Heckel

Evgeniy Svyatenko
Moonbuggy team russia 2010

February 15th, 2010

Monday, as we know - the heavy day. At 7am arises easier, but still not with big will. Muesli and coffee and forth to the workplace. Details are a lot. Many of them needs to be bend, cut, mill, grind and trimmed, and TBAs. In the morning I started to trim welding seams on one of the parts. To me came shortly Master Miller and kindly offered a new tools with which job moved much faster and more convenient. Master Miller really helps us a lot, for which he thank you very much. Then I cut off squarely at the detail sharpening stone, and in principle it was finished.

Then it came to facilitate of the front Bike-Shaft. Then ran Eugene, tired for CADing, and began to tear for mill. Stephen began to rush us because it came time for dinner.

In the dining room, we expect to see Ralf, who this morning went to the cutting of pipes, but he still not appeared. When we came into the workshop, Ralf was there and asked how was the food. Stephen went to continue milling, and the whole Russian part of the team went with Ralf to look like cut the pipes. As soon as we started to leave the shop, suddenly came to a bearded man. It was Ralfs father. He cheerfully greeted Master Muller. He must clearly heard a lot about him. At cuttins pipes went five of us. Machinery for cutting pipe, I began to discuss with Ralf how best to do it, but ultimately decided to rely on the expertise of Ralf. He painted a white line marker for the entire length, so that later it was easier to combine the angular connection. But apparently due to the fact that the cutting of metal is machined by a solution of soap and water, on the spot through found was difficult. First, Ralf offered to find an angle, which is only 4 degrees, with the help of a steel strip. Here again came to the aid of Master Miller. He lent us a very accurate protractor, which is kept in a wooden case with velvet interior decoration. With goniometers was a little simpler. Checkpoints for welding decided to target notches.

Then Ralf built a special tool for disassembly Rohloff. Even after 5000 miles insides were like new. Rohloff was necessary to make out that Ronny has changed the design of its enclosure, or chain at work rubbing on him.

At the dinner evening in a hostel were parents of Ralph. His mother baked a pumpkin pie with prunes and dried apricots. Everyone asked supplements. Then we got to try pumpkin soup. It was delicious too.


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