Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday - new axles and new business

Evgeniy Svyatenko
Moonbuggy team russia 2010

February 12th, 2010

Wake up at 7. At the breakfast Evgeniy said that he went to bed just at 5 o'clock, so the whole day he would be as a zombie. He takes the butter on knife realizing that forget about bread. Friday starts as an end of the world because if we don't make lots of stuff in workshop today next time will be just on Monday, but it is still a lot to be done.

In workshop everybody take his work. Evgeniy continue e-drawings, Ralf goes to water-cut machine, Kirill and i start to clean details. Suddenly comes her Mueller to make some photo with us. It is nice because it means that we are interesting for him as a guests. I am making chassis for four moonbuggys. Calls Ralf and asks to bring his coat to the cafeteria.

After dinner moonbuggy team Russia goes to the welding fabrication. Kirill stays to help welder. I and Evgeniy go back to continue our job. Until chassis is done it come back axles with Kirill. I make some cleaning of the welding seam. We all go home early because of the evening meeting.

Shower, classic suite, some coffee. It comes Tommy. Now we all together drive to the Leipzig Congress Center to one of the most important meetings for the middle business. There we met Rene and Stephan - old students of Ralf. The financial minister of Saxony is here to support businessmen. I understand now why it is a big problem in Russia with roads. We don't spend such much money for it.

The event is looking like in Russia. Stand-up meal, music and exhibition booths. Nice pirelli booth with the solar oil filter. Big booth of BVMW with newspapers assembled with information from other newspapers in which i found some news from Russia. Interesting that there just German, English and Russian languages. Some funny jokes with new German friends and its time to go home. Сloakroom is very cute and we played a little bit with her in thimblerig because all checks are the same from one side. Ralf lose and get his coat last. I assuage him by telling that the luck is always on the side of fools.


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