Friday, February 12, 2010

Exhibition of the painting competition Moonbuggy

Ralf Heckel

Herewith the pictures will be exhibited, which were painted by the first group of the Child's english school in February 2010. The students had the 2010 Moonbuggy paint on their own ideas. The proposals will now be collected for a voting at the end of the holiday. together with the work of the second group.

This students painted drawings:

Julia Angeli (9)
Luisa Angeli (6)
Lane Authman (9)
Christian Beckert
Pascal Bock (9)
Theresa Nooijer (11)
Alexander Dieffenbach (13)
Elena Dierich (9)
Sarah Wiesehöfer (14)
Tamino Girshausen (9)
Cheyenne Girshausen (7)
Jo-Ann Hertwig (5)
Kevin Köckeritz (11)
Elias Kohn (19)
Annelie Rodestock (9)
Franz Rodestock (10)
Hannah Schmidt (8)

The actions of the Winter Space Camp program for 2010 with the International Space Education Institute are seen here in pictures:

Painting Competition
Technical Excursion

Shuttle launch STS-130

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