Friday, April 9, 2010

Registration Day

Stephanie Fleischer
Moonbuggy Team 2010

Huntsville, April 8th, 2010


This morning we get up at 8 am and had a very tasty breakfast, with cereals, fruit, milk, beagles (which you don't have in Germany) Philadelphia, ham and cheese.

At 10.30 we arrive at the Space & Rocket Center, but without our Moonbuggy, because it is still in the Center of Technology. At the big parking lot of the Space & Rocket Center a few schools built up their Moonbuggies.

There is a ig tent for the registration and there we get our number for the moonbuggyrace. It's the lucky 7. Then are looking around when one guy talk to me. „You must be Steffi, nice to meet you. I saw you on TV last Sunday. You did such a great job", he sais. He introduces himself as Richard Smith . He introduce us to give an interview for Education TV of Huntsville City Schools and the Nasa Education Channel. I am so nervous, but the interview proceed good. Then we meet the organisator of the Nasa Great Moonbuggy Race Frank Six. He creates the Moonbuggy Race about 17 year ago. He is very glad to see us and especially Ralf, because Ralf invites and encourages international teams to come to Huntsville and participate in the Moonbuggy Race.

Stefan and me are walk around and looking at the different vehilcles. We meet a lot of international teams, like Romanians, Puerto Recanians, Serbians and a lot of Indians, which we invite to a international meeting tomorrow evening to get to know each other and to exchange our experiences.

After lunch Ralf guide us through the Center and the cours we have to ride on. It is 1,2 kilometers with a lot of curves and obstacles. I hope we will get through without any problems.

Then we visited the museum where we watch a lot of for passed astronauts and engeneers of all over the world.

Then Ralf, Stefan and me drive to the Center of Technology to pick up our Moonbuggy. Then Stefan and I go by Buggy to the Space & Rocket Center. When we arrive the opening Ceremony already started. It was very beautiful because a man is singing the american hymn and Mrs Washington, Hedquarters of NASA, Angela Storey, Press of MSFC and some sponsores of the race for example Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Jacobs Industries, are thanking us to be here and to wish us good luck.

After the ceremony we drive one time through the Moonbuggy parking lot and go home. We have to go to bed early because tomorrow we will ride at about 8 o'clock in the morning and Max, our personal trainer says we have to get up 3 hours earlier before the race starts.


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