Monday, April 5, 2010

First impressions of America

Stephanie (Steffi) Fleischer
Moonbuggy Team 2010

Huntsville/Alabama, 04/04/2010

TV: WAAY, Channel 31:


My first night in Amercia. During the night i can't sleep because i have headache and i think i'm getting a cold. At 8 o'clock in the mornig we meet at the lobby of the hotel and have brekfast together. We eat typical food of America, like beagels, muffins, waffels and orange juce and coffee. After the very sweet breakfast we get together for an briefing. There we discuss our scedule of today.

At 10 am we leave and visit the Spae & Rocket Center. After that we make a fotoshootin. With a lot of teammspirit and good mood we cn take beautifil pictures in the 25 degrees warm sun. Then we visit the Marriot Hotel, where we chill in the swimming- pool, Beause of the hot wheather in Alabama we leave the Hotel and go to the Wal Mart, a very big supermarket, ehere you can get everything you want. From Pharmacy, clothes, shoes, magazines to american food, fruits and soft drinks. There we buy something to drink, energy shots for the race, creams and shampoos and my favourite one, n Comsmopolitan. To stop our hungryness we stop by chercker's, a fast food restaurant. There we buy a lot of burgers and pomes, oh no here they ar called fries, a new vocabulary for me.

At 2 o' clock in the afternoon we meet Terry, our friendly and sympathic driver and friend, who visited the Maple Hill Cementary with us. We visited the grave of Professor Ernst Stuhlinger, also called as the „navigtor of Wernher of Brown" (Zitate of Huntsville Times). Then we drive to the grave Konrad Dammenberg and a lot of other important ingeneers fro Germay who were in the pollo Project. The graves in America are very beautiful, with a lot of flowers or pictures.

After that we drive to several Houses whrere we get to know the house where other famous scientists live, like the House of Wernher of Braun. After a while we drive to Monte Samo, you can call it „ Sauerkrautberg", too, with a lot of buildings of the 50's and 60's. Most of the German ingeneers, who work in Huntsville ave got a house there, On the the way to huntsville city center, we stop at Walter Jacobi's, but he wasn't at home. So we go on with our sightseeing tour and stop the doors an make some pictures with his house. Walter Jacobi was an very important ideas for the landing on the Moon. and he is the first human beeíng who showed people his racket in public. But that is not all. We drive to the Rainbowmountain, where Ralf organized an interview with the Wheaterman of Alabama. We shall be there at 10 pm o'clock.

In the afternoon we drove all together to the city Center, for taking a walk in the nice parc near the Walther of Braun Institute, where we watched a very big picture and a stone of rememberence of the famous scientist.

6 o'clock in the evening we met Terry and his fammily and the Hendricks at an restaurant where we have a very delicious dinner. After the dinner we are on the way to the TV station where a lot of people waiting for us. We all are standing in front of this dark camera, which can sees evrything and records everything you say and do. So there are Minutes left and so nervous. What will he ask, will i find the right wird's to answer the questions? How is my hair? i am so friightened of failing on air in Alabama. But did it pretty well. Ralf answere the questions like a master nd me, i explain a piece of the chassie with an angle limiter.

I AM IN THE AMERICAIN TV IN ALABAMA. After the interview i am very excited and later when we arrive at our hotel was jumping like a four aged girl getting a very big Barbie. When Terry visited us in the Hotel it get worse. I see myself in american tv.I can not stop smiling. I'm so happy. And another fact is that i can't stop talking for a long time. But know I'm going to bed because tomorrow we have to assemble our Moonbuggy and rebuild it.

TV: WAAY, Channel 31:


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