Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moonbuggy Speed Record - 50 MPH!

Stephanie (Steffi) Fleischer
Moonbugg Team 2010

Huntsville, April 06th, 2010


Today we start the day with a warming up and a very tasty beagle- breakfast. At eleven o`clock we drive to Hendrick's to fetch our Moonbuggy. The sun was very strong, the thermometer suggest about 25 °C (77 F) and we have to wear our suits. I hope Ralf is right with his thesis, that the blue cotton spaceesuit an the race- shirt will isolate.

Now begins the first ride and for the first time we crack our speed limit. 80,9 km/h (50,3 mph)!

No it can't be true, Let's try it another time. But we do it a second time. It is the same speed. Now I'm so happy the DEKRA GmbH is our silver sponsor. This company is inspecting cars and airplane pieces, also in USA. Maybe without their sponsoring we won't be able to make timelimits like these. I can't believe it. I drove 80 km/h (50 mph) with Stefan in Alabama.

After our litte time of success we startet to train. We drove about 31 km, from the Rainbow Hill till the Space- & Rocketcenter in Huntsville. It's a very hot and long ride, but so I can meet lots of workers of Moonbuggies. So we visited the UAH-college team 2010 and the vice-president of the "von Braun Research Hall", D. John M. Horack.

When we arrive at our last station, the Space- and Rocket Center some pedestrian are showing their interest. One guy for exmple helps his niece to take pictures of important things in Alabama. So this man shoots a foto of us and and the painted figure (a spacemann).

After that Stefan and me drive to the hotel, where we can rest and chat until the rest arrives. They take the Moobuggy to a garage oft the Center of Technology. Then we get something to eat at a Taco Bell.

It's Midnight an we analyse the telemetrie-datas and discuss the other themes. So we go to bed very, very exhausted.


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