Monday, April 5, 2010

Back From The Future

written by Ralf Heckel
International Space Education Institute

translated by. Regina BA MA
Doctoral Researcher Spacecraft Habitability Design
Kingston University London

Leipzig, April 2, 2010

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It looks futuristic: The NASA Moonbuggy of the German Team 2010. Around midnight, late-night pedestrians in Leipzig were quite intrigued to find themselves facing a low-flying vehicle that left a trace of dazzling light against the pitch-black of the night in its wake. One of the punters remarked: "Did you see that? Seems like they've just come straight out of the film 'Back to the Future'!"

And they're indeed from the future. Stefan Martini (19, Munich), Stephanie Fleischer (19, Unterschleissheim), Max Frank (17, Leipzig) and their Russian colleague Ivan Therekov, joined by the mechanics crew Robert Hempel and Daniel Mueller of the Vocational & Technology Centre of the Chamber of Crafts, will not only participate in the NASA
Moonbuggy Race, April 8-10, 2010 in Huntsville/Alabama. They are also the first official construction team of the Mars500 Rover, a project that will reach out far into the future.

Throughout the previous 11 months, the International Space Education Institute has shared a lot of know how and practice from engineering and craft in 132 workshops. The press conference, held in Leipzig on March 30, 2010, received world-wide attention.

Accompany this unique European team to the US and the NASA construction competition of the up-and-coming engineers against 1088 other students.

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